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  • IR Interactive Flat Panel E3
    What is the best solution for conference? GAOKEview E3 series interactive flat panel which provides Android 11 OS 4+32GB (8+128GB for optional) . In addition, it supports optional 13MP camera and 8 array microphone for built-in that makes an easy and high-efficiency conference.  
    Moreover, 400cd/m2 brightness provides more clear vision for users.
  • 55-110 Interactive White Board Electric Interactive Flat Panel Smart Board for Education E2
    1.Support Finnish and Swedish
    2.Built-in lnternet Browser
    3.Support Win/Linux/Mac/Android/Chrome
    4.Can be used without network
    5.Upgrades Over Network6.Built-in Mediaplayer7.Support OTA Update
    8.Support Zero-bonding Technology
  • Gaokeview 55" 65" 75" 86" 98" 20points Multitouch Smart Board Interactive Electronic Whiteboard Interactive Flat Panel
    This product uses HD LED-backlit panel, IR and multi-touch technologies. Equipped with a writing software, it is convenient, highly interactive, safe and environmentally friendly.
    High inter connectivity (optional)
    This product can connect to other devices. It allows wireless connection with PCs, PADs and mobile phones, realizing wireless transmission of documents, wireless push of videos and wireless screen cast.
    Extraordinary Display
    This product uses a high-quality HD LCD panel featuring original display color, vivid pictures, uniform display, no flickering, and quick response. You can enjoy HD pictures from different angles.
    Accurate Touch Control
    This product incorporates the advanced touch technology featuring quick response, high positioning accuracy, strong environmental adaptability, accurate operation, etc. No stylus is needed; you can operate with your hand by clicking, dragging and other actions.
    Highly Interactive
    This product is preinstalled with a professional writing software. It provides multiple types of pens, drawing tools and other functions, and you can write and move the contents as you like.
  • IR Interactive Flat Panel A9
    How to create an interesting and easy education solution? GAOKEview new A9 Series Interactive Flat Panel that provides 4K UHD resolution and Android 13 new OS with 4+32GB(8+64GB for Optional). Moreover, within zero-bonding technology which not only makes users enjoy a faster and smoother writing experience, but also enhance the clear vision. Besides, the new OCR function is able to catch many languages hand-writing recognition. 
  • IR Interactive Flat Panel E3
    To make easy and flexible education. GAOKEview E3 Series Interactive Flat Panel with 4K UHD resolution and Android 11 OS. Meanwhile, within zero-bonding technology that makes users with clear vision and faster and smoother writing experience. The front button touch lock and eye protection brings more convenience for teaching. Moreover, the E3 series has over 400cd/m2 on brightness and 85% (Color Gamut) which always provide a clear vision for users.