Asus ROG’s new Bezel-free Kit uses light refraction to make monitor edges disappear


Asus ROG has concocted a solution for those pesky monitor bezels that tarnish an otherwise gorgeous three-monitor gaming setup — and it involves lenses and light refraction. The company, which stands for Republic of Gamers and exists as a gaming-specific sub-brand of PC maker Asus, has a new product it’s announcing today at CES plainly called Bezel-free Kit.

The setup involves vertical lenses and mounts that attach to your gaming monitors at 130-degree angles. The lenses help blend the display image and then refract the light to make it bend in a way that feels natural from one monitor edge to another. The whole effect makes it seem as if you’re using one giant curved display. It doesn’t rely on special software, an external or internal power supply, or any other Asus-specific add-on, suggesting you could use this with any monitors seemingly of the same size. An Asus spokesperson confirmed to The Verge that the kit “will work with a wide variety of ‘thin’ bezel designs, but you do want the monitors to be the same size for the best possible display output.”

Asus ROG doesn’t having pricing or availability info quite yet, but the company says the product will be coming out in 2018. And sure, it’s solving a super specific problem not very many customers have. But for those that do use three-monitor setups and want the most immersive and ludicrous gaming monitor setup, this seems like a worthy investment to take the experience one step further.