New Dell Ultrathin monitors are skinny and bright

Mon Aug 13 11:28:19 CST 2018

Dell debuted two basic-but-pretty displays at CES 2018, the HD 24-  and Quad HD 27-inch (S2419HM, S2719DM) Ultrathin Monitors. Skinny in all the places that count when style is your most important consideration, they've got thin bezels and a slim profile.

They also bump up the brightness to a peak of 600 nits (typical about 400 nits), though you'll start seeing brighter displays a lot more now that it takes a lot less for a monitor to be able to call itself "HDR" and there are marketing perks for increasing the brightness. (In this case, it means these monitors are DisplayHDR 400 certified.)

The Ultrathins support Dell's CinemaColor, the company's newly branded solution for mapping wide-gamut content into the smaller sRGB color space to optimize movie playback. And they really are intended for media consumption, with 2 HDMI connections and nothing else.

The Ultrathin 24 costs $300 and the Ultrathin 27 $500, which are on the high side. Those prices convert directly to about £222/£370 and AU$385/AU$640. Dell plans to ship them in the US starting in February.

Jenny Dong
Henry Xu

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