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Infrared whiteboard

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Gaoke Infrared Whiteboard GK-880H Series is an Interactive whiteboard solution which enables ten users to write and draw simultaneously. Users can write, draw and move objects with a finger, stylus or even a pointer. The board easily connects to a computer through a USB 2.0 interface.

Gaoke Infrared Whiteboard GK-880H Series is an ideal tool for the any educational, corporate, or professional teaching or training environment. The board is based on Infrared technology and has ten Touch recognition.

Gaoke infrared interactive whiteboard hardware features:

·        Board writing smoothly and fluently ,with high precision;

·        No light spots, to protect user’s eyes;

·        the GKBoard could be used also as a traditional white board using water pen for writing;

·        All kinds of board material can satisfy different requirement of customers;

·        The reverse side use zinc coating plate, to avoid whiteboard working abnormally because of electromagnetic interference;

·        The main PCB is separated from the board, be convenient for after-sale to repair quickly;

·        Scratches on the board surface will not affect the use of GKBoard;

·        One key for positioning calibration.

Gaoke infrared interactive whiteboard software features:

·        Free upgrade for life;

·        Offering free resource download website;

·        Supports diverse resource database self-defined by common format files, no limit to the number of resource;

·        Marking play-status of Microsoft PowerPoint;

·        Catching and marking any desktop contents (files can be printed );

·        Audio , video recording and playback function;

·        Users can expand the application functionality themselves;

·        One key switch between left mouse button and right mouse button;

·        Supporting to insert images, animation, video and other files;

·        Supporting to self-defined shortcut button function.


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